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Dated: 04/10/2017

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The quick answer:  They Can!

My trusted partner, Norm is trained in Professional Landscape Photography and in applying his critical ‘eye’ in how best to convey the story about the specific home being photographed, he knows that keeping up-to-date with technology and the reaction of the public is critical for success.

Often seen in real estate photographs are stunning homes that could only be found in a far-distant paradise, yet; the listing agent advertises that this home is in my neighborhood.

How can this be?

I know my neighborhood and know of no home as breathtaking within miles!

So I drive to the listing and behold this ‘palace’ only to discover that the home listed is not recognizable from the advertised photo.

Is it dishonest to mislead peers and the public in this manner?Image title

You bet it is.

You see, it does cost me and ultimately you one of the most valuable resource, i.e., Time! We find so many listing agents only care about themselves by not telling the true story as to why buyer prospects should go out of their way to stop by to see their listing. In many cases, our buyers will drive-by prospective homes and but-for the address; would never recognize the home from the front photo. Needless to say, the ‘curb appeal’ is lost at that point and the home is scratched from the ‘Must-See List’. Not to mention, listings from that agent become notorious with our buyers and will be avoided at all costs.    

It is for this reason that we try to convince you, our clients to allow us to review properties with them prior to physically showing them the subject homes. We are always willing to visit the homes prior to when you join us to visit the homes on your short list. This way, there is a double guarantee that we are following the right path in finding your next home.

Over many years of full time professional experience, I know that until we deliver, we are not respected by many who work with us. So I am asking you as our valued clients to spend the necessary time with me so I can avert the waste of your valuable time. Let’s sit down or conference over the internet and review the homes of your choice.

You will be pleased with the end result!

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